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Every business leader and owner wants to be part of a successful organisation. Success, in turn, comes from learning and growing faster than your competitors. It is our mission to help clients build successful organisations and cohesive teams that will achieve their key, ‘Mount Everest’ business objectives. Our team does this by specialising in the following seven key areas:

Leadership advisory & Coaching

Organisational health

Strategy formulation

Organisational design

Strategy execution

Achieving Results

Strategic alignment

At Marathon Management Consulting, we believe every organisation has the potential to be wildly successful if they are smart and healthy.

Smart organisations have dynamic strategies, are effectively designed and execute business plans with discipline. A smart organisation uses scenario planning to focus effectively on possible outcomes. This allows them to safeguard, recover and repurpose their organisations in challenging times.
Healthy organisations have minimal politics and confusion, high staff morale and productivity, and low turnover of their most valued employees. Deeply human connection, clarity and creativity are vital to ensure a motivated and dedicated workforce.


Overcoming the 7 Deadly Sins in your Organisation

It is our team’s mission to help clients build smart and healthy organisations by overcoming the 7 Deadly Sins of an Organisation, namely:

  1. Lack of leadership
  2. Unhealthy culture
  3. Absence of strategy
  4. Poor design
  5. Weak Execution
  6. Mediocre results
  7. Misalignment

We help companies overcome these Deadly Sins by focusing on the 7 Foundations of a Successful Organisation. Here’s a closer look at how we help organisations achieve these seven foundations:

Leadership advisory

The role of a leader is to direct, align and motivate their teams to achieve growth. Organisations need leaders that are effective, aware and focused on mutual growth. Do you want to equip your leadership to establish and direct winning teams? Get in touch with us.

Organisational health

The health of organisations is often overlooked as a “soft issue”. The fact is that good organisational health gives you an unparalleled advantage over competitors in the marketplace. A healthy organisation has a winning company culture. We can help you create yours.

Strategy formulation

An effective strategy determines the long-term goals of an organisation, adopts appropriate courses of action and allocates scarce resources for the achievement of those goals. Get in touch with us so we can get started on your winning plan.

Organisational design

Organisational design is about fixing what doesn’t work within your organisation. Dysfunctional procedures, structures and systems are identified and then realigned to meet current business realities and goals. We can help you design winning organisational capabilities, architecture and management systems.

Strategy implementation

The disciplined execution of an organisation’s strategy is key. It is vital that your organisation’s strategy is implemented with excellence in order to produce the desired results. Contact us for advice on winning implementation and governance skills.

Driving value

Achieving results is vital to the success of any organisation. No matter how noble your vision is, if your organisation is not achieving its goals then it is not a successful organisation. Get in touch with us to ensure a winning performance.

Strategic alignment

A carefully managed enterprise value chain seamlessly connects an organisation’s purpose, culture, strategy, organisational capability, organisational architecture, management systems and execution discipline. A winning enterprise fit is within your reach – we can help you get there.


The graphic below indicates how each of the deadly sins is overcome by focusing on the seven foundations for success. The outcome is a winning formula for business success.

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