Blog 2 | The Marathon Way | Leadership and Trust | May 2016

Roadmap to a High Performing, Growing Business

“Organisational health will one day surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage”
[Patrick Lencioni, the author of: The Advantage, Why organisational health trumps everything else in business.]

The 1st building block of organisational health is a cohesive leadership team… a team that understands its ROLE and that is TRUSTED by all stakeholders.Do you know your role as a leader?

Do you know why trust is important and how to become a trusted leader?


Marathon Foundation 1.1: Trusted and Aligned Leadership Team

A trusted leadership team that is behaviourally and intellectually aligned will, on a like for like basis, outperform its competitors.


What is the role of a leader?

Leadership is who you are. It is all about character. It is something that people experience emotionally about you and that cannot be easily measured.The role of the leader is to give direction, align the hearts and minds of the organisation and to motivate people to exceptional levels of performance, to lead them to excellence.

Defining a company’s purpose, vision, principles, values and culture are therefore key leadership responsibilities.

It is often, incorrectly, regarded as the “soft stuff” in an organization, but it feeds the emotion of the very people who have to build a healthy and a high performing business.


The importance of trust and how to become a trusted leader

Trust is the most important behaviour of a cohesive team. Simply stated, it makes teamwork possible.A healthy leadership team is one that displays vulnerability based trust, does not entertain “political agendas” and engages in the healthy conflict that is essential to move an organisation forward.

Trust means different things to different people. At Marathon we use the CORSA model to asses and develop individual and team trust. CORSA stands for:

C = Competence
O = Openness and honesty
R = Reliability
S = Sincerity in addressing needs and wants
A = Association with personality type and/or management style


If you want to become a trusted leader you have to be:

1. Competent, both technically and in terms of your behaviour
2. Open and Honest in your dealings with people
3. Reliable in every sense of the word
4. Sincere in addressing the interests and needs of the people you serve
5. Emotionally mature to accommodate the different personality types and management styles of people, and wise enough to act accordingly

The interesting thing is that behaviours 1-4 are mainly within your control. Behaviour 5 is 50% dependent on you and 50% dependent on the emotional maturity of the other team members.If your leadership team, either at an individual or at a collective level, struggles with direction, alignment or trust, we can assist you with relevant interventions to set a new course.


Next month

We explore the 2nd building block of Organisational Health i.e. Planning and Creating Clarity. In addition to being behaviourally aligned, the leadership team of a healthy organisation must also be clear on what they need to focus on to guide the business to a better future.Let’s go… and let’s build high performing, growing businesses with healthy leaders that lead the way!

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