Marathon Group year-end message | December 2016

The land between…

A few years ago at the Global Leadership Summit in Chicago, a speaker spoke powerfully about the “land between”. The Bible describes how Moses led the Israelites from Egypt, a place of slavery and pain, through the Sinai desert to the land of promise, Canaan, the land of milk and honey.The Israelites spent 40 years in the desert. During this time they experienced severe hardship and were often in a troubled, even rebellious state of mind.

They complained about their daily food, whined about their circumstances and longed for the fleshpots of Egypt. Their ungratefulness led to a negative mindset and many of them never saw the promised land, a better future.

Closer to home

All of us are, at some point in our lives, caught in the so-called “land between”, a desert experience and a time of hardship that challenges us at various levels.We often experience such a phase as stressful and painful. It is a difficult transition. It is easy to long for our past and worry about our future.

While uncomfortable, the “land between” can also be fertile ground for reflection, for developing new perspectives, beliefs and habits. That helps us to discover what is really important to us, to appreciate what we have and to develop a satisfied heart. This journey paves the way for meaningful personal growth.

The big picture

The past year has been one of serious and worrisome reflection, especially for Europe, Britain, the United States and South Africa, but also for other countries such as Brazil and Turkey and those torn apart by terror. Many people feel they are in the “land between”. The future is uncertain and they are anxious.“Nene-gate” triggered raw emotions and real losses in South Africa. Since then we have been on a 12-month roller coaster ride seldom experienced in a lifetime. Dark moments have been interspersed with beacons of hope. Citizens found and raised their voices, important democratic institutions stood firm, our democracy matured, pro-active citizenship is on the rise.

We are, however, likely to remain in the ‘desert’ for a while longer. During this time people, especially the younger generation, yearn for inspiring and authentic leadership.

Marathon calls on all our friends and business associates to join us in being active leaders and carrying our country’s leadership burden whilst South Africa is in that “land between”. Even powerful leaders in government, business, religion and institutions cannot achieve meaningful progress without the support of people and the true leaders in their midst – at every level! Unity is power. When the burden to lead the Israelites in the desert became too heavy for Moses, God asked him to gather 70 leaders He could fill with a Moses spirit to help carry and lighten his leadership load.

If we work together, we can make this country better than ever. The potential in people’s spirit may be dormant or suppressed, but can be re-awakened. To win as a country in the long run, we have to build trust, unity and bridges between all South Africans every single day. Let us do this together with a servant heart. It starts on our doorstep, in our homes and at work.

We celebrate

Marathon is 10 years old this year. We want to thank you for your continued support and for giving us the opportunity to help so many companies and other organisations since 2006 with their business journeys, en route to or into the “promised land”.Like everyone else, we too have been in that “land between”, but every experience has taught us and made us stronger to run our own Marathon and to serve our clients better. We have seen the power of positive thinking, leadership and teamwork. We are more convinced than ever that there is enough leadership potential around us to successfully reach our various destinations.

We trust that everyone will continue to learn and to experience significant growth en route to their “promised land”.

Let’s go

When you need a business partner or trusted advisor to lighten your load, the Marathon team is ready to run with you. To find out how we can add value and help you on this journey, please call us for coffee, visit our office or visit our updated website – a great, happy, restful and safe festive season.

Thank you for running with us!

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Meaning before money

We believe that making meaning comes before making money. Since founding Marathon, we have therefore invested our time in under-resourced organisational projects where our skills make a meaningful difference. Projects where we are involved include:







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