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Why Marathon?

The Marathon Group is a Cape Town-based management consulting and financial services group that has been in existence since 1997. We are passionate about helping clients on their journey to achieve their business and financial goals through innovative thinking to reach their “Mount Everest”.

We specialise in management consulting, investment in private companies, wealth management, short-term insurance and strategic financial management. We value long-term partnerships based on trust and are driven to deliver quality work of the highest professional standard, that adds significant value and impact.

We are a group of people with diverse talents, experience and skills bound together by our common purpose to make a meaningful difference to life, business and society, to point out opportunity, to inspire hope and to realise potential. We believe that "making meaning" will lead to making money. Community involvement lies at the heart of what we do, fuels our spirit and defines the Marathon brand.

Our ICARE values (integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence) are the foundation of our healthy, high performing business culture that is authentic, purpose-driven, performance-orientated and principles-led. We trade in trust and really care about the wellbeing of our clients.

Management Consulting

Every business leader and owner wants to be part of a successful organisation. Success, in turn, comes from learning and growing faster than your competitors. It is our mission to help clients build successful organisations and cohesive teams that will achieve their key business objectives in a fast, relevant, and practical way.

We do this by specialising in the following seven key areas:

  1. Scaling leadership capacity
  2. Building healthy organisational cultures
  3. Formulating dynamic strategies
  4. Effective organisational design
  5. Disciplined strategy execution
  6. Achieving great results
  7. Strategic alignment of purpose, strategy, and organisation to ensure success

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Financial Services

Creating and preserving wealth is a unique and personal journey for each client. It is our mission to help clients think further about their long-term personal, wealth creation and financial independence goals.

We do this by specialising in the following four areas:

  • Capital - investment in private companies
  • Wealth - wealth management & financial planning
  • Insure - short term insurance
  • Finance - strategic financial management.

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